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Virtual NMR Troubleshooting


Symptom 1:

I am able to ssh to the vince server, I start VNC on my computer, but after entering my login information the VNC terminal disappears?

Possible Solution:

This can be caused if the server you are attempting to VNC to, has been upgraded and the ssh keys have changed, to test this do the following:

  1. While logged into vince, attempt to ssh to the computer that is dropping the VNC connection. [ssh computername].
  2. If you notice an error in the ssh key, you may need to remove your current key to the system and recreate it.
  3. Since the bad key could be stored by either the name or the IP address. Ping "ping computername" and record the IP address associate with the computer name.
  4. To remove the bad keys. Enter --> "vi ~/.ssh/known_hosts". Locate any computer name entry "/name of computer" and IP entry "/IPADDRESS of computer" and remove the matching lines using "dd" then ":wq" to write the file and quit the editor.
  5. Now attempt to login to the same computer again. "ssh computername" and accept the key if prompted.
  6. Try vncviewer again and see if your problem has been fixed.

For More Help or Information, Contact:

Michael Peterson or call him at (509)372-4751


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