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ELN/SAM Support No Longer Available

November 16, 2009:

The SAM/ELN project funding ended four years ago. Since that time, there have been several updates to Java and other OpenSource tools we used in our delevopement. Successful implemenation of SAM/ELN will require updates to our source code. Because of this we are no longer able to support these applications. If you would like the to continue with the developement of either applications, please see our OpenSource web pages: ELN - Available Here or SAM - Available Here

ELN 5.2.2 (Electronic Laboratory Notebook)

January 16, 2006:

The SAM Team would like to announce the release of ELN Client 5.2.2. The ELN client (Available Here) is a Java client to be used with Scientific Annotation Middleware (SAM) server. The latest ELN client has the following improvements:

For more information on the ELN, please see ELN Help Pages

Scientific Annotation Middleware v2.1

March 28, 2005:

The fourth software release from the Scientific Annotation Middleware (SAM) project. SAM is a joint project between PNNL and ORNL. The SAM 2.1 software is both

As described in the SAM Features Page, SAM provides:

New in Version 2.1

As always, we'd appreciate any feedback you can give us on how you're using the collab software, any problems you have had during installation or use, or any suggestions you have for new functionality. Our Help Request form can be used for submitting technical issues, or you can simply drop us a line.

Other News

June 30, 2003:

Other News: The Collaboratory project has not updated its main site for some time. As a quick summary: