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  • Notice to Users
    • The development and support of SAM has ended
  • SAM v2.1 Download
    • March 28, 2005
      The fourth release from the SAM project available on SourceForge
  • SAM Help
    • September 7, 2006
      Instructional Help/FAQ Pages
  • SAM Movies
    • Online videos showing how to install and use SAM

Scientific Annotation Middleware (SAM)

screenshots and diagrams of SAM

Notice to Users: The development and support of SAM has ended

The Scientific Annotation Middleware (SAM) is a set of components and services that enable researchers, applications, problem solving environments (PSE) and software agents to create metadata and annotations about data objects and document the semantic relationships between them. Developed starting in 2001, SAM allows applications to encode metadata within files or to manage metadata at the level of individual relationships as desired. SAM then provides mechanisms to expose metadata and relationships encoded either way as WebDAV properties.