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  • SAM v2.1 Download
    • March 28, 2005
      The fourth release from the SAM project
  • SAM Help
    • September 7, 2006
      Instructional Help/FAQ Pages
  • SAM Movies
    • Online videos showing how to install and use SAM


SAM is available under an open source license. Significant portions of the SAM distribution have been developed in other open source projects and are subject to their own open source licenses. (FYI: SAM does not currently use any software subject to GPL or LGPL licenses.)

SAM 2.1 is being distributed as binary from the links below and source is available upon request.

SAM 2.1 is compatible with Tomcat 5.0.X (Not compatible with Tomcat 5.5)

The SAM server is available in two forms:

A preconfigured zip file that can be unzipped over an existing Tomcat installation and quickly configured (Recommended), and
A standard web application (war) file that does not by default synchronize user authentication with Tomcat.


Other downloads

Proceed to SAM Installation Instructions...

Note To use the Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) with the SAM 2.1 server, you will need the latest ELN client (currently 5.2.2). The URL for downloading the client appears on the default launch page for SAM-based notebooks, and you can delay downloading the ELN client until that point. If you wish to download the ELN Client now, you can go to the ELN Client Download Page and select the client for your platform.